Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love LA: Girl Kicks Ball thru Randy's Donut

I don't often share viral videos on this blog, but: Two girls (a midfielder & a winger) from Santa Monica High School Women's Soccer Team show their love for LA monument Randy's Donut. (Note the last line: "Let's see Mia Hamm do that!")


  1. Thanks to Scrappy Tim for the link!

  2. This is bloody brilliant.

  3. Ahhhh that was fantastic!
    I love the local pride and the Hamm comment
    Go SAMO!

  4. i know. it's just flat out awesome! i am picturing randy's donut shop now being pelted by corner shots taken by imitators!

  5. It looks fake, the girls strike the ball to easy for it to fly that far...

    I'm sure anyone that has hit a ball before has noticed that.

  6. wow. it's not fake. it's been well established & confirmed by randy's that it's for real.

    and, it isn't that far - it's basically across a street. a decent goalie, for example, regularly places the ball that far down the field with that precision. and, hello - played with women at that left lately? seen a real player hit a dead ball? it's not a brick! sure you hit is with force, but if you use your body right, it SHOULD look easy!

    i suggest you turn on the olympics and watch some of the better teams play - or watch the marta videos on you tube. educate yourself!

  7. Awesome video!!!


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