Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Global Game publishes story about Municipal de Fútbol

The Global Game has published a nice story about Municipal de Fútbol ("Where Angelenos do not fear to tread"). There you will also find a podcast interview that I did with John Turnbull. I appreciate the extra research he put into the article - especially his inclusion of a link to this June 2008 story in the LA Times about a team of Guatemalen women playing in MacArthur Park. He points out that the spot where those women play is the location for the opening scenes of Goal. We should also remember that this is where the LAPD attacked people participating in an immigrants rights march and rally in May, 2007 (see LAPD tries to crush immigrant rights movement). (This photograph is from Michael Wells's series of portraits of Lafayette Park, Los Angeles.)


  1. Hi Jennifer -- the story about the Guatemalan women players is so inspirational, as was your own piece about Lafayette Park. I'm off to play a pickup at John Muir HS in Pasadena, another one of those rare places where someone forgot to turn the lights off! This blog is awesome; I'm so glad you're doing it! Cheers, Susan

  2. It was fun to here some of the themes found on your blog remixed in conversation in a podcast. Nicely done!


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