Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview with Gustavo Arellano on KPFK today @ 4:00pm

Listen to KPFK 90.7 today @4:00pm for my interview with Gustavo Arellano. Arellano is the brilliant mind behind "Ask A Mexican" and host of Four O'Clock Tuesdays at KPFK.

[The interview is archived here & here - It was a lot of fun: I am a big fan of Arellano's writing, so was thrilled & honored to learn he's reading this blog. One correction: I named AEG as a sponsor for Man U, I of course meant AIG, the troubled insurance giant. In this interview, I also talk about MacArthur park - just to be clear: I do not know for sure exactly what will happen with the field. The contractor & the engineering office at Parks & Rec both confirmed that the turf would not be marked - read my previous blog entry for the nuances. Early blog articles that address issues raised in our conversation: Red Card/Man U, FA Apologizes for Ban, Really? - see this month's articles for discussion of park politics. Thank you Gustavo for reading From A Left Wing, and whenever you want a conversation partner to process fútbol craziness, I'm yours!]

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