Saturday, May 1, 2010

WPS gives us the publicity campaign we've been looking for!

This campaign is the first I've seen for the WPS that looks like it was designed by people who play and/or watch the sport. Previous publicity for the women's game seemed aimed at parents looking for a family-friendly activity on their weekend afternoons.

The new campaign for the 2010 WPS season features game highlights, rapid editing, and a rousing, militaristic score. It's actually quite traditional - when promoting men's sports.  The nearest that an ad for women's soccer has gotten to this one was a Gatorade commercial, featuring Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan.  One of the neat twists about this new concept: It centers on defense, and luxuriates in images of toughness.  

Defend Your Turf

Accompanying this ad is a series of team-specific billboard projections. Like:

Defend Your Freedom

Defend Chicago

I can't get enough of this bill board projection of Megan Rapinoe - especially when she heads the ball into the air - as the ball goes off the screen, plaster and ceiling tile falls from the sky as if she's sent the ball "through the roof."

I look forward to more unapologetic publicity that foregrounds the strength, ability, aggression and competitiveness of the female athlete.  Bravo to the WPS for getting this one right.


  1. Great stuff. Would like to exchange links with you at Simply Futbol.

  2. Absolutely agree with you, this is the kind of campaign I've been waiting for. I just hope we continue to see more work like this...


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