Monday, June 27, 2011

Allez les Nudes

Here's, the FFF-produced video for the French women's national team:

Yikes. I mean, parts of it are cute, I guess. But not so much the parts where individual members of the team lip sync.

Members of the national team also posed nude in 2009, for an FFF campaign with the lovely slogan, "Do we have to show up like this, in order for you to come see us play?"

Yikes again. See four years of my writing on this blog, for my perspective on this sort of thing.


  1. Until yesterday, the only reason I was going to watch the women's world cup was to see these and other attractive ladies run about. But after day 2 of the WWC, I'm watching for their skill.

  2. i'm sure i agree wholeheartedly with your "perspective on this sort of thing" but it's interesting to know that the 2009 photo shoot was directly inspired by a yearly calendar of france's MEN'S rugby team. and the title of the layout "Faut-il en arriver là pour que vous veniez nous voir jouer?" is provocative only in a political sense. though it may seem shocking on the surface, especially from a transatlantic viewpoint, the operation was decidedly, and successfully, ANTIsexist.


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