Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Women's National Team is Back!

And I have a story about them in the International Herald Tribune ("A World Cup Dream...").  The women are competing against Sri Lanka in the opening match of the South Asia Games -- it's their first international match in two years, and marks their return after FIFA's delisting of the squad (for its inactivity) in June 2009. Read this June 2009 interview with Subhrasnu Roy on for some more insight into the team's situation.

Best of luck to these incredible women! The above photo was taken by Riyas Komu - the artist whose work inspired my trip to India.

[Jan 30: The women won their first match handily - scoring 8 to Sri Lanka's 1. The men lost to Afghanistan 0-1. This is the first year women's football has been included in these games.]

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  1. Congratulations Ms. Doyle. It was a great article. I recommended it on the website, for whatever that's worth.


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