Saturday, January 30, 2010

LA Sol folds as AEG withdraws its support for the team

After months of trying to unload its half of the LA Sol, AEG withdrew its support for the team. The LA Sol, regular season champs, is no more.

The WPS's financial plan is not about turning a quick profit but developing a self-sustaining league.  But AEG has never acted like it believed in the Sol, or women's soccer - instead, the structure around the team seemed intent on selling the women and the training staff short. This is bitterly disappointing to fans of women's soccer in LA - a city that could support two WPS teams were they located correctly and marketed well.  I am too depressed about this to comment at the moment.  Instead, I will gesture here towards my rant/manifesto "Notes from an Alienated Fan" and go pour myself a drink.

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  1. It's a false assumption that women's football can't be profitable. Long-term investment will reap long-term rewards. Women's football in so many places is stifled because it seems to evoke short-term thinking from its investors. Very, very upsetting.


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