Saturday, June 5, 2010

Letter to the City of Los Angeles on the eve of the World Cup

We are surely home to more fans of the beautiful game than any other U.S. city. And there is a serious campaign on behalf of a US bid to host the World Cup in 2018/2022.  Please correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I can tell Los Angeles has no plans whatsoever to host public projections of the morning matches.

Angelenos are going to local Mexican, Hondoran, Korean restaurants/cafés/bars, Anglo-pubs, etc. Those looking for outdoor projection - which is how a city watches the World Cup - are heading to the Plaza Mexico in Lynwood for Friday's opening match between host country South Africa and Mexico.  LAist reviews a few prime spots for watching the games.

But, Los Angeles - you've let us down. We very much want to watch these games with our fellow Angelenos, and we would most like to do so in public, especially for big matches like South Africa/Mexico and England/US.

Nokia Live? Doesn't that place have a host of outdoor screens? Why is there no plan for WC screenings in downtown LA - easily accessed by bus and train, and perfectly located for the tens of thousands of people working in the neighborhood, desperate to watch these matches in a good atmosphere? There is a viewing party at the Staples Center for South Korea/Greece's 4:30am game on June 12. It's free, too. But why not use the Nokia outdoor screens for other matches? I believe they were used to air Obama's inauguration, for example. Are there no parks, no city-owned spaces at which we can watch the games, and at which fans can be seen, watching en mass? 

Again, perhaps I have been misinformed, in which case I look forward to being corrected and sharing news of a city-sponsored public projection of the tournament's big matches. 


Left Wing


  1. I completely agree. I think the side of buildings in downtown LA would be perfect for this. They project movies there, why not the mundial games? It would be so thrilling, exciting and culturally satisfying to have the experiences of the matches with other Angelenos. The Moltalban Theatre is screening the games (indoors) of Nike sponsored teams and then the second round and so on no matter what team it is, according to its coordinator.

  2. Am hearing that the slash and burn approach to the city budget is responsible - so sad! still - why AEG, which I believe runs that Nokia complex, isn't sponsoring outdoor screenings is something of a mystery. I swore off the Montalban after I had to watch that Write the Future thing five times. Not worth it - it's Plaza Mexico for me, and then neighborhood haunts!

  3. 2 outdoor options: As in Cups past Red Tigers supporters will gather on that lawn in front of Radio Korea (3700 Wilshire Blvd) and watch on the huge screen that normally airs commercials 24/7. And under the large white "Special Events Tent" at the Petersen Automotive Museum they're showing the US/England match. 20 bucks but there is an open bar.

  4. Here in SF, the city's projecting nearly all the games on a movie screen, euro-style, in front of City Hall. I'm sure LA could figure out how to do that somewhere!


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