Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ich Roque

I've had company, am trying to write the stuff I'm supposed to write, and it's downtime in the footie universe. So, for the moment let me just share this awesome video my guest shared with me: It's a German band called Sportfreunde and their song celebrates one of my favorite rising stars (and object of transfer gossip), Roque Santa Cruz. The song's title & refrain pivots on a word play (apparently in German when you say "I'm Roque" it also means "I Rock"). If for some bizarre reason you aren't familiar with the appeal of this Paraguyan international - formerly of Bayern, and for the moment at least of Blackburn - check out this homage, which will bring you up to speed on his Chachi Charm, and this 9 minute celebration surveys his skillz. Or, if you are pressed for time, check out this more reasonable three minute review. Enjoy!


  1. When you watch all of his goals back to back you really see how well he finishes every type of ball in front of the net. I never really gave it too much thought but he was probably the second best striker in the EPL last year behind Torres when you account for pace and style.

  2. hi joejoejoe,

    i know, right? the guy loves a crazy volley. and a flying header. plus a neat tuck into the back of the net. and the improbably needle through a forest of feet. and let's not forget sweeping up a plain ole mess in front of the goal. he just LOVES to score. the comparison with torres - pace, style, hair - is right-on. i think this is the kind of player most of us weekend footballers wish we could be. and not just because he's a future gay icon.


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