Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Obama We Are Sorry' - possibly best World Cup memory from Ghana

Flashback: This video captures the euphoria in the streets of Ghana just after the Black Stars knocked the US out of the World Cup.

Great music in the background - the two most prominent are football-inspired: Richy Pitch's awesome "Football Jama", and Wanlov The Kubolor's "Goal Again". Thank you to photographer Rodney Quarcoo for filming and sharing this.  His website: http://www.ayigbeboy.com.


  1. Great vid, Jennifer. Needed a World Cup flashback fix.

  2. You're fortunate not to have had to endure ITV's coverage of the World Cup, where roving reporter Ned Boulting told viewers in the UK that nobody in the world knew where Ghana was, until the 2010 World Cup.

  3. True. Just had to listen to ESPN broadcasters talk about how much smaller Ghana is compared to the US. Size seems to be all Americans have left to boast about - and even that only gets the ego so far!


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