Friday, July 24, 2009

FA parody of Nike ad: What would a women's version look like?

Watch the first video - Nike ad - then watch the English FA's parody of it.

I'd love a promotional video like this for the women's game. It's funny how you can use the misery of the lowest levels of Sunday leagues to romanticize the sport when it comes to men, but the women's game is cast as squeaky clean and relentlessly upbeat (when it is represented at all).

I wonder what a more gritty portrait selling women's low level football would look like?

In addition to the usual insults & injuries of weekend leagues (good ideas/poor execution - or good execution of bad ideas, plus ugly fouls, uneven refereeing, shitty pitches), in a women's version you could have the screaming and mewling children you normally chauffeur all week to their own activities and whom you leave at home on sundays to be looked after by partners who somehow manage to get to the gym themselves but resent having to look after their offspring one morning a week, and then there are the annoying boyfriends on the sidelines shouting stupid advice to their girlfriends, and the low turn out of players who haven't managed to find the childcare, and the subordination of your league schedule to men's and youth leagues, plus coming home & having to do housework when you are sore all over and just want to lay on the couch and watch t.v. Hmmm. None of that sounds so glamorous!

Merci Loic pour le link!

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