Wednesday, September 9, 2009

David Beckham + Ellen

Another one for the archive in support of David Beckham: Lesbian Icon. Check out David Beckham's appearance yesterday on Ellen, sporting Ellen underwear. [My youtube link to this segment is not working - you can hunt around for the full interview by searching for David Beckham on Ellen.]

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  1. I loved reading your lesbian icon piece again. In addition to pointing out the Beckhams' good natured willingness to share their sexuality with whoever wants to gaze at their images, you've described all the other things that have always made me so fond of the two.

    Even though my family are Liverpool fans, we also support England and have 3 daughters who grew up with the Spice Girls. Obviously, when "Posh and Becks" were still based in the UK, one could follow their every breath without touching the remote or buying an extra daily.

    It was a relief to get a break from the Disney princesses and see my daughters decked out in "Girl Power" regalia.

    It was great that Becks loved to cook, clean, take care of his babies, follow his wife around the world when she was on tour and be as proud of her success as his own -- happily admitting that it was a turn on. Of course, every good husband should be a groupie at heart. Better still was the fact that Becks couldn't see, or could care less about, that any of it might be unique. And in fact, outside of the mythology of the male athlete, most of it is common in many households (both new age and old school).

    Finally, as a Liverpool fan there's no admitting to enjoying a single moment of a ManU match, but it was just too much fun watching Becks blowing kisses to the punters in the stands that were hurling homophobic epithets. Class -- and cute.


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